Jackie Chan Celebrity 

Fear the Action scene : Jackie Chan

Although he is popular for his action photo, he or she is afraid of action sequence. His name is Jackie Chan. He repeatedly said that he is not a super hero.   Jackie said, “I can work with the inspiration of the audience. I’m afraid of action. During the action sequence, I think tie is the last shot of life. When I see the love of my countless devotees, I try to make another picture. That’s my goal ‘.   He said, ‘I do not know how many years I…

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Lady Gaga Celebrity Special Feature 

This music artist is completely nude!

This is called Lady Gaga. Gaga Madam can not sleep safely if the week does not surprise. So be party or own video album. Only Lady Gaga returned to her avatars. That’s exactly what happened. After nearly six months of shooting, in the end, L. Lady Gaga’s new video ‘Ga’ And again with the hands of Gaia’s head, Lady Gaga. Rather called the nude Lady Gaga in the head again. Goppota Hall, Gaga’s new video sung by the recent tension in the US. And the reason for excitement is one….

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woman Yoga Fitness Health & Fitness 

Is it right to exercise during menstruation?

Menstruation is a physiological process in the body of the woman. This happens in a particular cycle every month. Many people who exercise regularly, many people want to exercise this time. But the exercise is right at this time? Or how to do? Parasona’s chief fitness trainer Farzana Shimul is talking about exercising during menstruation. He said, “exercise can be done during menstruation, but it is not very heavy, light exercise. At this time, exercise of light exercises reduces pain, fatigue, fatigue. However, it is best not to exercise if…

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men not marry Special Feature Women's Life Style 

Five types of men should not marry!

In the married life husband and wife need help from both sides. So many girls think of how her husband would feel before marriage. It is very difficult to understand which kind of men will be good as a husband and who will be evil. Let’s know, about 5 types of men who are ashamed about their husbands. 1. Women are more attracted to bad boys. Scientists agree with this issue. Many studies have shown that women feel intensely attracted to bad men. But she will not be able to…

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