Lady GagaCelebrity Special Feature 

This music artist is completely nude!

This is called Lady Gaga. Gaga Madam can not sleep safely if the week does not surprise. So be party or own video album. Only Lady Gaga returned to her avatars. That’s exactly what happened. After nearly six months of shooting, in the end, L. Lady Gaga’s new video ‘Ga’ And again with the hands of Gaia’s head, Lady Gaga. Rather called the nude Lady Gaga in the head again.

Goppota Hall, Gaga’s new video sung by the recent tension in the US. And the reason for excitement is one. Gaga has been seen mostly in this movie as a totally nude. But not only naked, Lady Gaga has also been seen to have sex with the naked man in the video. The reason for this reaction is that the world is on the global papilla.

The Lady Gaga album is debated from the very beginning. The first album ‘Apples’ has thrown a pistol in the fire of criticism by throwing a stick in her chest; Lady Gaga’s superfamous fashion overwhelms the world over and over again. According to Lady Gaga, ‘I love to give a cultural shock. That’s why the video repeatedly sticks. But take it to the will. This is the kind of behavior that goes with the song. ‘

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