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Is it right to exercise during menstruation?

Menstruation is a physiological process in the body of the woman. This happens in a particular cycle every month. Many people who exercise regularly, many people want to exercise this time. But the exercise is right at this time? Or how to do?

Parasona’s chief fitness trainer Farzana Shimul is talking about exercising during menstruation. He said, “exercise can be done during menstruation, but it is not very heavy, light exercise. At this time, exercise of light exercises reduces pain, fatigue, fatigue. However, it is best not to exercise if you get too much flu. Exercises can be performed when light is there. Besides, many people want to do heavy weight exercises while going to the gym. They can not be done. ‘

Again, for those who have problems in the uterus, such as cysts or tumors, they do not want to exercise at this time, he said, ‘If you want to exercise then you should consult the doctor.’

While trying to exercise during menstruation, he said that walking, cycling, yoga can be done. He said, ‘Yoga can be heroic, spine, and dry.’

It is also important to keep the body relaxed at this time. So he advised to breathe exercises, and to sacrifice his kapalvati.

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